NBA Bricked Fits… WEEK 1

Pray for Kemba

What’s up WCT, I’m back again with more fashion talk. For those of you that are not well versed in fashion, you may know how glorified it has become on social media. In addition, you may even be crazy enough to look up to your favorite NBA players’ off court looks… WELL I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THAT NBA PLAYERS CANT FUCKING DRESS.

Ever since the NBA enforced a dress code and social media has grown, NBA tunnel fits have been a growing topic of conversation. Little do these players know, that money can not buy taste.

Lets take a look at this idiot Kemba Walker… not only has he never played in a relevant NBA game, but he continues to represent the BRONX with the most GARBAGE FITS IN THE LEAGUE. Look at your man here flexing this trey nine blood red trench coat, with your favorite fashion nova men nut hugger trousers…. Not only does Kemba look like your favorite European thot that just got off the boat and hit up her favorite Saks off 5th, but he can’t even use his millions of dollars to buy some hard bottoms?!

While I understand that NBA players love their kicks, use your fucking head. Kemba had the audacity to top the fit off with some red Jordan 9s that are currently collecting dust at your local Nike outlet. So not only will Kemba help the Celtics get smoked by the Sixers or Bucks in the playoffs, but he will do so in a fit that is about as good as his OG Charlotte Bobcats roster.

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