Zlatan ended his MLS career (Probably) in the Most Zlatan way possible

Following a 5-3 defeat to crosstown rivals LAFC in the craziest edition of the “El Traffico” derby yet, LA Galaxy star Zlatan Ibrahimovic left the opposing fans with one last gesture to remember him by:

Zlatan is likely done in the MLS after 1.5 seasons of incredible goals and hilarious off the pitch statements, as he has been linked with a move back to Europe (Most recently with Serie A side Napoli) to end his legendary career.

Zlatan leaving with a crotch grab is very much in character for the man who once kicked a teammate in the face at Ajax to celebrate a big win, told Paris Saint Germain fans he would stay in Paris only if the Eiffel Tower was renamed Zlatan tower and forced a move out of Barcelona after publicly threatening to beat then manager Pep Guardiola’s ass.

Yes you can add this event to the long list of controversial things he has done in his career, but don’t get it twisted, it’s incidents like this that only add to the legend.

Zlatan being Zlatan is why we love him, never change king.

PS: here is what Zlatan had to say about his future in the MLS/the MLS in general after the game:

“This could be my last game. Let’s see what happens. Is that more important than who is winning the MLS [Cup]? Yes, yes it is,” later adding, “Imagine if I don’t play in the MLS. Who will you talk about then?”

“When you play, you want to get credit back for when you’re playing. … I did my best. I think everybody did their best. What happens next year, I don’t know. If I stay, I think for MLS it’s good because the whole world will watch it. If I don’t stay, nobody will remember what MLS is.”

Is he wrong? Kinda, but also not really.

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