Listen, I understand this man banged in the paint all night last night (24p, 8r, 9a), and my beloved Cs were certainly having trouble stopping him from doing so…but this man is still afraid as fuck to shoot a 3 in a real NBA game.

I mean god damn he’s certainly doing well for himself without shooting 3s, making deep playoff runs with the Sixers, dating Kendall Jenner, and signing Nike deals. But do I respect him for doing those things? FUCK NO I DONT, BECAUSE THIS MAN, AN ACTUAL NBA PLAYER, IS AFRAID TO SHOOT A FUCKING 3. Like we know he can do it, we’ve seen it in practice and preseason, so what gives? I mean look at this shit from last season, which is clearly carrying over to this season:

I’m surprised Jimmy Butler didn’t whoop his ass for this shit, I mean shooters shoot my guy, have some confidence in your professional basketball abilities and get it right.

I’ll end it with this: until Ben Simmons starts taking 3s regularly with confidence the Sixers won’t win shit, let’s call it the cowards curse.

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