Welcome to Jawn Talk

What’s up water cooler talk, this is your new fashion writer and life long jawnz enthusiast. Be sure to tune in for raw/uncut pure unadulterated heater fashion content. We are kicking things off with a weekly segment called “Jawn of the week / L of the week.” For those of you narcs out there gassing up the 2012 Camry to pull up to your local American Eagle, you might have never heard of the term “Jawn.” On the other hand, you white trash Philly scumbags sleeping in Mom’s basement decked out with Allen Iverson fatheads might consider the term slang for everything in Philly.

For someone with actual taste, a jawn is referred to as a fire piece of clothing. Therefore, I will be searching the web each week to enlighten you plebs on what clothing is hot, and what is not.

Leading off for this weeks Jawn of the week, is this BRAZY cover shirt by the gawwwwwwd Hiroki Nakamura of the elitist Japanese label Visvim. This jawn is made from a dummy thicccc cotton canvas fabric with THREE Japanese Denim pockets. That means not only can you pull up to your local function in a shirt that will cost a months rent, but you can do so in fashion while holding up to 4 White Claws and your empty wallet due to blowing a fat bag on the garment. Keep in mind Visvim runs true to Japanese sizing so you’ll have to lay low on those Krispy Kreme donuts to fit in a size 5… BUT since this shirt will run you about $1,100 shipped to your door, you will have no choice but to starve anyway. For those that are bout that life, here is the link to purchase https://shop.visvim.tv/us/en/product/?PID=0219905013011&PNM=POTOMAC%20COVERALL

Unfortunately each week I will also have to share a Dud with you. Therefore, there is no better time to introduce the world heavyweight champion of douchebag LA designers. The man in charge of creating these overpriced nut huggers is not Heidi Slimane, but his biggest fan Mike Amiri. Not only do these bitches cost almost $1600 dollars, but they’ll be seen on all of your favorite rappers and NBA players… rest assured I’ll be ripping them a new one in future posts. For those of you who don’t know LA has one look, size XXL tops, and XXS bottoms.

What I find the most fascinating about these jeans is that he could have just stopped there but NOPE, this is LA. BrAnDiNg Is KeY. Therefore he slapped his logo right where you will find your blood clot within your constricted thighmeat from just squeezing into these, BUT he also felt the need to add useless distressing and patchwork. TO SUM IT ALL UP, THESE JOINTS LOOK LIKE YOUR TOILET WATER AFTER SCARFING DOWN TWO TRIPLE DOUBLE CRUNCHWRAPS FROM TACO BELL AT 3 AM.

Since I have already written too much ima end with two statements.

1: Please scroll down to read the rest of the content that the squad posted.

2: Ayo Taco Bell, sponsor the BLOG!

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