Burrow’s butt puts Heisman pose on notice

2019 continues to be the year of the ass. We got Flume (whoever that is) eating ass on burning man stage, giant floating ass on stage at the VMA awards, now we got Joe Burrow’s ass soon on stage in New York. It wasn’t Joe Burrow’s 4 tuddies that helped his Heisman resume, it was his own end zone stealing the spotlight. Louisiana newspaper The Advocate was not happy with their Heisman hopeful’s hienie being broadcasted continuously over CBS replays and are demanding an apology. 

 SMH at the advocate for this slander. No need for Burrow to be ashamed of this, those are some QB1 cheeks. Props to CBS for creating this Heisman moment in a classic SEC buttcheek beatdown. I’m sure Allie LaForce was a little hot and bothered reporting field side. 

Joe, strut that ass all the way to New York. 

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