Is BMS a matchup nightmare for the Pats?

Yesterday Fox Sports tried to troll my New England patriots claiming they’ve had a weak schedule mocking up this hypothetical schedule below

Fox please, BMS Goats would be the toughest matchup the Pats would see all year, heck they may have to build a remote field and play this after the Super Bowl, lets check the matchup

Coaching matchup: Marty Daniels vs Bill Bellicheck

A true chess game two of the greatest to ever do it, Marty Daniels the inventor of the oil change vs. Belicheck who the NFL constantly has to rewrite the rule book for. Two innovators in their craft. Hard to say who’s the better coach, however props to Daniels for landing Denise Richards while ditching the commitment, Bill had to slap a girlfriend label on Ms. Linda Holiday.

OCs Josh McDaniels vs. Marcus Gilday is an interesting battle, both offensively sharp minds yet both shit the bed when it comes to being a Head coach (McDaniels in Denver & Gilday in the natty ship)

Advantage: Draw

BMU offense vs NE Defense

The Pats D is no slouch this year but they’ll be playing real talent unlike golden boy Sam Darnold, the real question is how will they handle the two QB system of mobile QB Radon Randell (DREAMS) and pocket passer star Alex Moran (first Wyoming HS QB to throw 10,000 yards). Gilmore and McCourty shouldn’t have a problem with BMS’ no name receivers but these two QBs can get it done. Donnie Schrab will give these two QBs plenty of protection and time in the pocket. Craig Shilo is a shifty back who will battle the bogeymen.

Slight advantage: Pats Defense. They’re just too good.

BMU Defense vs. NE offense

GOAT vs. GOAT matchup with Brady squaring off against Castle. Brady hasn’t played a defensive stud this coked up ever as he avoided playing The U in his college days. Castle will give Brady fits in the backfield and should eliminate any run game. Pats WRs have been a little thin this year but Larry Summers will do anything for his defensive captain to get the job done.

Advantage: BMS

Special Teams:

Belicheck and Matt Slater are special teams legends but the Pats lack a kicking game as strong as Harmon Tedesco. Fresh off a vision quest, Tedesco is locked in.

Advantage BMS

Analysis: defensive battle but book makers lean BMS -2.5

Place your bets with Sammy cacciatore

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