The infamous Big Baller Brand is officially dead. When you log on to the Big Baller Brand website you are now redirected to Alan Foster official website promoting “Baller Finance” which looks like a finance company a create-a-player from the old x-box game “Ballers” choses to handle your cash flow, or a real life Trump University for aspiring basketball agents. BBB was the wildest phenomenon ever to hit basketball and streetwear culture. The company had so much overnight hype for selling $500 sneakers and $250 flip flops all based of hype Lonzo Ball generated from a quick stint at UCLA in the garbage pac 12 and Lamelo ballislife and house o highlights clips. Liangelo is the cooper manning of the ball family. Game is whack. Lavar was the hottest salesmen since Jordan Belfort opening Steve Madden IPO. Need tracking on where this BBB excess product will be landing. Marshalls/TJ Maxx? Ross stores? Burlington coat factory? Might be worth a but ust for the story. Sneaky never hated the ZO2.19s…also currently going for $2,500 on stockx LOL.

RIP the big baller brand, who did it for the fans (the BBB tie by Lavar is a must cop)



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