Will Blogging Unions lead to the End of Water Cooler Talk????

Short answer Hellllllllll No! This blog will be taken down by me when my bookie comes for my legs because I will have bet way to much on a Villanova basketball game.

However, blogging unions have basically ended what was left of Deadspin. I am still looking for in the wild people who read Deadspin, but on twitter there was a massive outcry when the new owners of deadspin didn’t agree with their own writers leading a revolt on their website.

A man named Barry was made the editor while deadspin looked for a real editor, and was fired for going against the bosses wished in a defiant manor. This lead to people going crazy and saying how journalism is dead.

Tbh I just don’t get it. If all these writers feel so strongly about the direction of their blog why not just make a new blog? Own your own blog and not have to deal with bosses. It’s not that hard just look at us here at WCT! We started a blog a week ago and already bigger then Deadspin!

If all these “journalist” really cared then they would leave start a new website, but instead they just bitching and moaning to the same 150 twitter peeps. It’s the weirdest circle jerk in the history of circle jerks. MetsFan knows all about Circle Jerks, but that story is for a different day.

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