Can you Taste the Color Blue?

It sounds crazy but just think about it? When I say a blue Gatorade, a blue popsicle or a blue jolly rancher, and imagine how it taste…it’s tastes like fucking blue!

Now the taste of blue isn’t even everything that is blue. Those tortilla blue/purple chip, doesn’t taste like blue at all. The only time you really taste blue is when companies put those chemicals in it.

My question is how? How do you put the right amount of chemicals to make a color taste?

Now people may say, oh don’t put chemicals like that in your body. My response to all those people, We all are gonna die in WW3 happening in next 30 years so live a little and taste a color!

P.S. You can also argue purple tastes like purple, because I’ve never had a hard candy or soda that says grape and actually taste like grapes. What a world.

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