Weather Law

I am here to establish a new law in cold weather parts of this great nation of ours. If you live in places like Sam Diego, this ain’t for you. Also you San Diegans why are you on the Internet? You live in San Diego! Go outside! Smoke a little grass, and watch the waves instead.

I have a dog, he’s a big dog and is def an alpha, so when we go on walks he tries and dictate the pace. We go on walks if it’s 95 out or if it’s 5 degrees out. We go in beautiful weather or in snow or raining.

Funny thing is when the weather is an extreme one way or another there are not many people out there. A few dogs and their owners, and that’s about it. Then all of sudden on random nice days there are people out everywhere! Random people running, people with little 6 pound dogs all of sudden being walked. My question for all those people…where are you on nice days???

So here is my law….If you don’t walk your dog in 10 degrees you don’t deserve to walk in 70 and breezy, or at least not when people who are out there in bad weather are walking their dog or running.

The saying you don’t deserve me at my best if you can’t handle me at my worst, is the principle for this new weather law.

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