Top 5 Sneakers of All Time

If any of you readers out there call yourselves sneakerheads lets face it… you most likely only like hype shit and have ZERO taste. As a jawn connoisseur, it is my job to CORRECT YOUR DOGSHIT TASTE. In order to do so, let me educate yall on my top 5 sneakers of all time… toContinue reading “Top 5 Sneakers of All Time”


Today we are kicking off a new weekly segment called Sunday Shit Talk… here I will pick a brief topic and let it rip… why? Because positivity doesn’t equate to page views. Besides being obsessed with clothes, I am also a full time depressed sports fan… therefore it is time to air out my favoriteContinue reading “SUNDAY SHIT TALK”


What is good WCT, sorry for the delay but we are back on the grind to deliver you all the necessary info to avoid dressing like your local mayor. Once again we will be continuing our “weekly” segment jawn of the week and L of the week. Kicking off our jawn of the week, weContinue reading “JAWN OF THE WEEK… L OF THE WEEK”


Aside from a jawnz enthusiast, your boy is also an angry sportsfan… LEGIT MY ALL TEAMS LOOK LIKE THE LAST SHIT I TOOK. But what stings the most, is that every fucking year James Dolan promises that the Knicks will be back…. This summer was the the last straw… after banning Oakley and refusing toContinue reading “FUCKKKKK THE KNICKS”

NBA Bricked Fits… WEEK 1

What’s up WCT, I’m back again with more fashion talk. For those of you that are not well versed in fashion, you may know how glorified it has become on social media. In addition, you may even be crazy enough to look up to your favorite NBA players’ off court looks… WELL I AM HEREContinue reading “NBA Bricked Fits… WEEK 1”

Welcome to Jawn Talk

What’s up water cooler talk, this is your new fashion writer and life long jawnz enthusiast. Be sure to tune in for raw/uncut pure unadulterated heater fashion content. We are kicking things off with a weekly segment called “Jawn of the week / L of the week.” For those of you narcs out there gassingContinue reading “Welcome to Jawn Talk”