Top 5 Sneakers of All Time

If any of you readers out there call yourselves sneakerheads lets face it… you most likely only like hype shit and have ZERO taste.

As a jawn connoisseur, it is my job to CORRECT YOUR DOGSHIT TASTE. In order to do so, let me educate yall on my top 5 sneakers of all time… to wear in public. Keep in mind only these specific colorways are my list, AND they are in no particular order.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago

Classic high top siloette, perfect to wear with a wider trouser, thiccccc corduroys, or stone wash denim. WHITE LACES ARE MANDATORY, FUCKKKK WHAT SOLE COLLECTOR SAYS. If you can find them for a good price, buy them and beat the shit out of them as Jordan 1s look better with wear.

Converse Chuck Taylor 70s High

Beautiful classic silouette with the beefier build/cushion setup. The classic black and white is the best colorway and these GO HARD WITH ANYTHING BUT SKINNY JEANS. Just a little style tip, pull your pants over the chucks, no need to tongue fuck Converse…

Common Projects Achilles Low

THE BEST MENSWEAR SNEAKER OF ALL TIME. These can be worn with literally anything ranging from sweats to a suit. Though keep in mind the shoes are very narrow and shallow… therefore a slim pant looks best and if you are going baggy they had better be heavily cropped. The only time Common Projects look like shit are with a heavy break in your pants so be weary of your hemlines. In addition the beautiful Italian leather ages beautifully and the margom sole on these bitches are tanks.

New Balance 990 V3

Worn by Dads, blue collar workers, and super models the New Balance 990 series was always super versatile and functional. In fact the 990 was the first running shoe to retail for over $100 dollars which is toilet for an East Coast Media Elite like myself. We are currently on version 5, but the 3 was the most simple and dialed in. In addition, this was before Demna dropped the Balenciaga Triple S and knocked fashion on its ass. These can be worn with LITERALLY ANYTHING but if you are bout that life then straight leg stone wash denim and a spiccccy Patagucci retro x jacket is the way to go.

Adidas Samba

Best worn on in indoor soccer court, on a skateboard, or in the streets the Adidas Samba in white just flat out looks great with anything. They look great smoked and are cheap enough to triple up at any given time. Step out to your local mall and buy 10 pairs of these instead of a pair of shitty off-white Nikes.

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