What is good WCT, sorry for the delay but we are back on the grind to deliver you all the necessary info to avoid dressing like your local mayor. Once again we will be continuing our “weekly” segment jawn of the week and L of the week.


Kicking off our jawn of the week, we are once again going Japanese. While the chances of you knowing what these heatrocks are AND having premarital sex is extremely LOW… just know that if you pull up to Shibuya with these you will undoubtably be DROWNING IN DAT ASS. What we are looking at is the New Nuptse boot by North Face Purple Label, and for those of you who are unaware of the purple label subdivision… this aint that shit posted in your sunday Dicks Sporting Goods flyer. These boots are designed by the Japanese menswear label Nanamica. Therefore they cost dummmmb bread, are not available in the US, and have added raw materials essentially removing functionality as a winter boot. BUT, since they have a chunky vibram outsole, a flexible nylon upper, and NO laces, these bitches will be comfy all winter long.

As for the L of the week… we gotta dig into this NASSSSSSSTY Versace bubble joint. Not only does this cost more than 2 months rent… but this will be seen by some of the least stylish celebs in the game… AKA Floyd Mayweather and 2Chainz. In addition, there is most likely ZERO downfill in this…essentially making it perform even worse than it looks. Therefore unless you want to look like a human orientatal rug… steeeeeeer clear of this.


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