The photo

They say a picture says 1,000 words, this one says three…we are back.

Brady’s cryptic Instagram post sent fans into a tizzy with theories conspiracies and freak outs

There’s two ways of looking at this post,

If he’s walking onto the turf, then he has unfinished business at Gillette

If he’s walking into the tunnel towards the camera, then he’s walking back into the organization

That simple.

(Or it’s a homage to the late Kobe Bryant )

If people want to turn this into a blue/gold dress or a swinging toward/away from the camera type situation then okay, you can dissect angles and reflections and knee bends or shoe angles but it’s pretty obvious he’s walking into the stadium

The real question is if he’s holding something in his right hand, will answer the question of which way he’s walking and gives some context if this is a premise to a commercial

In reality this has gotta be a hype post for a product ad, and a company is taking advantage of his pending free agency

We shall see…scoop third leg Greg Olsen and we are back back

Super bowl week has been so boring, NFL should really reconsider if they want boring Patrick Mahommes as the face of the league, the Super Bowl needed excitement and the GOAT delivers again on the leagues biggest stage

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