If Lower Merion is a Philly school then why isn’t Villanova?

For people who do not live in Philly, and have been watching all this Kobe coverage these last few days, it would make you think his high school was in heart of the city and only played his high school games at the historic Palestra. The fact is Lower Merion is a public high school in the suburbs, in fact it’s right near Villanova and the mainline, which is consider the very rich section in the Philly area. When you talk to people from the city, however they say Villanova isn’t a Philly school, and get all pissy and mad when you think Philly is in fact a Philly school. I guess my question is why is it like that?

Now before I really try and figure this out, I should get this part out of the way.

One of my rival high schools was Lower Merion. They played in the same conference as us, I would consider them my high school number 2 rival, after those scum bags from Upper Darby (Thats where Mean Girls actually took place). The reason I hate Upper Darby for being scumbags is the exact opposite reason why I hate Lower Merion Aces. The Aces are a bunch of rich assholes for the most part who were too dumb to get into a real private school.

Now back to your regular schedule blog.

The city of Philly loves grit and passion even more then skill players and that goes double for their basketball. A Philly basketball player is as tough as they come. Kyle Lowry, Rasheed Wallace, The Morris Twins, and on and on the list can go. Villanova plays with that toughness, but still no love, and Lower Merion never played with that toughness…except for Kobe. Yet LM is the Philly school. If you say the Villanova students aren’t from Philly, then you would have to not consider UPenn (An Ivy League who’s enrollment has the least amount of philly students in the The Big 5) a Philly school. Nova is lead by a player (Collin Gillespie) who won the Philly catholic league, and was the player of the year as well, which is a big deal in the city. No other Philly college team currently has that. Yet Nova ain’t a Philly school.

At the end of the day, all you morons let’s just get on the same page. Villanova is Philly school, Lower Merion is a Philly school, and Kobe is a Philly player. RIP Kobe.

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