Super Bowl Prop Picks

Props are some of the most entertaining bets for the big game, I will walk you through my picks and some hot insight.

DISCLAIMER (Do not be the guy who constantly talks about props, bets, and squares throughout the night, no one gives a fuck that you need two safeties, a touchdown and a two point conversion to hit your office pool 1st quarter 9 & 5 square that are 10 bucks a pop and 5 is going to Greg from accounting’s half marathon fundraiser charity)

National Anthem O/U 120.5 seconds (2 minutes 1 second)

OVER Demi Lovato has performed the national anthem in four big games (pretty surprising)

2011 WS Game 5 (1:48)

2012 WS Game 4 (1:50)

2015 WS Game 4 (1:59)

Mayweather vs. Macgregor (2:11)!!!!

Each event gets more important and each performance gets longer leading up to the mecca of National Anthems Super LIV for NFL 100 anniversary…she’s holding that note, easy over

Coin Toss

Tails – do I even need to say it?

Tails never fails! Tails never fails.

First play from scrimmage? Run or Pass?

Run – Gotta go run, each team’s first appearance, easy run up to calm the nerves  

What will be quicker? A scoring drive or the national anthem?

Scoring drive- Chiefs can score whenever and my girl is holding that note

Will Andy Reid’s 1971 Punt/Pass/Kick video be shown during the game broadcast?

Yes- Fox is broadcasting and they love stupid overused shit, mortal lock

Does a TD scorer put ball into the stands?

No- Chiefs are selfish pricks and will not be charitable, San Francisco is a bunch of underdog try hards that will keep it as well to prove the haters wrong

Gatorade Color:

***SCOOP ALERT** Purple

Rumor that KC training staff ordered a ton of purple Gatorade to honor Kobe if they win, gotta think the cali boys are doing the same (two sources) backup option yellow (dumped yellow on Reid in 2016 after a TNF milestone win)

Get in this prop quick as it’s dropping fast

My personal favorite:

Will J Lo show butt cleavage during halftime show? (Plumber crack or reverse butt cleavage)

Yes- J lo vs Shakira in a Miami shake off? Yea J lo is coming in guns blazing, at a cool 50 years young, she’s gonna show that she’s still got it, also late promotion of her movie “Hustlers” about strippers its essentially free advertising for her Oscar snub, take the skin and win.

Gamble responsible, WCT and Fred Bocou are not liable for any gambling losses **

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