TBT: ‘92 Cubs Dream Season*

Everyone knows the story of the magical ‘92 Cubs season that won them a World Series. Led by Henry Rowengartner, a 12 year old relief pitcher and closer who threw 100+ mph gas, and Chet Rocket Steadman who’s mid seasons revival was historic, the cubs went on to claim the division in the last game of the season. Now many of us are too young to remember how this all unfolded, unfortunately the season documentary “Rookie of the Year” ends at the regular season, we must ask how in the world did this team win the World Series.

The last we saw this team of destiny was the final regular season game needing a W against the Mets to win their division. A vintage Chet Steadham gem gets the Cubs a 2-1 lead as Rowengartner comes in for relief once the Rocket blows out his arm. After throwing a scoreless 2 innings with 6 strike outs, Rowengartner and the Cubs head into the top of the 9th clinging to the lead.

Little Henry discovers he lost his fastball in warm ups, instead of telling his manager or teammates he decides to intentionally walk batters. Great teammate. (Now I know the Mets got exciting new ownership yesterday, but this is some classic Mets BS on deck). Runner on first gets fooled by a hidden ball play, bush league move by Rowengartner.

This dude like “Really _____”

Next intentionally walked batter gets lured into a chicken off and gets caught in the worst attempt ever to steal a base. Another bush league move by Henry.

Our documentary ends with the final at bat against NL slugger Heddo who is a poster boy for MLB steroid use.

Instead of telling his manager that he can’t pitch to get the final out, Henry selfishly thinks he can serve up meatballs as Heddo absolutely LAUCHES his second strike foul by a smidge. Henry somehow gets Heddo to swing and wiff on an eavus floater to win the game and claim the division. Hollywood story.

As the cubs move into the playoffs, they now have to play and WIN in a divisional round, the NLCS, and the World Series. They just lost their ace starter and their relief pitcher who hasn’t thrown anything but a strike out since his MLB debut. I don’t know about y’all but this ring is absolute bs. A team of destiny couldn’t even overcome those odds. This team couldn’t hit to save their lives, 2 runs against the Mets? You kidding me. Give me a break 92 series needs a fat asterisk.

Henry’s biggest accomplishment of the 92 season? Smashing Julie the Cat Gaffney

Not to be overlooked, Henry was the cockiest player in MLB history, bush league tactics, taunting other pitchers as a base runner, his manager even asked begging on his knees in his last inning “win me this game and Henry replied “I’ll do it but this is the last time” when you throw 102 you can flex on errrbody. Also my last Henry grievance, this kid gets in a fight with his boys about not working on the shitty boat, dude your an MLB pitcher and Pepsi endorser, fucking buy a boat and scoop the chicks, jeez

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