The Friday Five

Let’s be real here, gambling is the best! I love it, I crave it, I just don’t understand how people don’t like to gamble to be honest. Like every gambler I know, I believe in these three things…A. Vegas always knows! 2. Never bet an under to a game you attend and D. I know sports therefore it is impossible for me not to win every game I bet.

So since I am a great gambler and definitely wont lose this weekend here are my top 5 fav college football games this wwwjend

1. Kansas State +23.5

OU will win but the curse of the broken wagon will cause KState to cover. Plus the game is at noon and tough place to win on the road at noon.

2. UConn/Umass over 62.5

Both teams stink but both will score. This a game you just put in and don’t watch and cash out.

3. Texas -1

Sometimes you know you are going into a trap but you don’t care because you just have to it’s too appetizing. No way TCU hangs here Texas in a route

4. Michigan State +6

Classic trap game for Penn State here. They are looking ahead to Ohio State. This is a field goal game so I’ll take the points. You can sprinkle money line if you are crazy

5. Notre Dame -1

This is my slam dunk put the house pick. Notre Dame are really really good, but Vegas does not know how good yet. This is the week you can outsmart Vegas! I know my first rule was Vegas always knows, but guess what they don’t know more then me! Michigan stinks Notre Dame is good this is just easy

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