Performance Review:

Hoka One One OG Clifton 1 reissue

Any real runner knew of the hype. Maximal running before carbon fiber plates. Back when all of these kale eating potheads wrote bullshit books about the barefoot running movement improving ALL aspects of life.

The first shoe to grab the barefoot running movement by the balls and make actual noise was the Hoka One One Clifton. STUPID CUSHIONED, while weighing the same as a race day shoe.

Sadly for me, I did not originally run in the shoe, I didn’t hop on the train until the Clifton 2.

Anyone that has run in the shoe says that they were GODS gift to the earth. And thankfully, Hoka reissued these bitches this past year… BUT!!! They didn’t come with the second set of insoles.

I have logged around 300 miles in the shoes, and am now confident to give my accurate performance review. SPOILER ALERT, these didn’t age well.

Cushion: 10 out of 10, just as amazing as everyone said. The feeling of clouds on a racing style upper still is amazing today… though I still desire the additional insoles.

Traction: 6 out of 10, VERY little rubber on the shoe, in wet conditions you will end up on your ass. Durability has never been a Hoka strength.

Fit: ASSSSS CHEEKS 2 out of 10, no matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to lock them down. The airy minimal upper feels amazing but provides little containment.

In my personal oppinion, the sensation of running on clouds in a featherlight package felt so unlike anything else on the road, that runners were quick to ignore the flaws of the sneaker. Sadly enough the Clifton line has gotten worse with each and every model after the original… too the point that you would question why it even exists anymore. In my opinion go with the Rincon as it has a wayyyyy better feel than the Clifton which continues to both gain weight and feel more dense on your foot.

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