Culver brother goes off

JJ culver, brother of lotto pick Jarret Culver dropped 100 last night in some non ncaa college game playing for wayland Baptist. It took 62 shots to accomplish the feat including THIRTY THREE 3 point shots, talk about a green light

When This first came across my desk, thought JJ culver was the next blue chip and future lotto pick, boy was I wrong, Wayland Baptist is a small private school with a graduation rate of 33 and acceptance rate of 100 with 1300 students that plays in the NAIA a second college athletics governing body, glorified high school ball ,sounds challenging

What inspired this performance? No not Wilt Chamberlain, who he paid homage to in his post game photo, but the one and only mamba. He said he watched a lot of clips of Kobe’s 81 point game and that Kobe was in really good condition. So this summer JJ says he ran a lot. Mamba mentality, hitting the treadmill at lunch in preparation for my weekend pick up.

Congrats JJ, why don’t you go play at a NCAA recognized university

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