NBA FIT BRICK: Straight off the boat



Luka fucking Doncic. The young stud who can do no wrong. Dropping off 30 point triple doubles every single night and showing the unicorn that he should have forced his way out of New York sooner.

Yes I get that you are rich, yes I get that your mom is a fucking smoke, yes I get that you are competing for an MVP, but my guy WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!?!?

LOOK AT MY MANS MOM!!!!! Even Delonte West couldn’t bag this nuke

WCT fam, this man is a millionaire and he looks like a model from the champs sports training video teaching the sales associates to hook the customers up with an entire kit from head to toe! In addition, my man could not look ANY MORE off the boat then he does right now. He looks like a fucking tourist who just pulled up to his first “American” aka HOOD sneaker spot and copped the works.

While everyone knows that your mom is a milf including Deandre Jordan and Andre Iguodala who asked for her @, you need to show her some respect by not dressing like the milf hunter in 2019!!! But real talk props to that sales associate who managed to get a millionaire to wear a full Bel-Air sweatsuit from Jordan brand in the tunnel.

Heres a few more pics of bae for the fam

Let us all pray for Luka

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