A news headline from 2022: Joe “big dick” Burrow leads the Bengals to back to back Super Bowls

DID YALL SEE JOE BURROW RUN FUCKING TRAIN ON GEORGIA LAST WEEKEND? SSSSSSHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSHHHHH dat boi can sling the fuggin rock like you read about. Burrow finished with 347 yards on 27-of-37 passing and four touchdowns, looking like fucking Jesus Christ in the flesh to all Bengals fans.

Following yet another loss to the Browns and with the Pats headed to town next week, it looks like the Bengals are truly the stinkiest dog shit team in the NFL this year, and that #1 pick is all but confirmed to be Cincys next year.

what does this mean? It means Joe Burrow will likely be rocking das black and orange next year, barring management fucking the pick up of course (which is a very real possibility).

Just imagine him taking snaps with a healthy Jonah Williams in front of him, Joe Mixon behind him, flanked by John “fastest player in league history” Ross and Tyler Boyd?! Smells like a dynasty in the making.

Fingers crossed the Bengals don’t fuck this up and hopefully Joe Burrow warms up to skyline a Chili bit before his arrival.

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