Patriot Fans Need to Take a Chill Pill

Let’s start this off with a disclaimer, I enjoy watching Brady and the Patriots and this run, but man do I hate their fans.

Booing TOM FUCKING BRADY and the Patriots at half time is unbelievable. All they have done is made a laughing stock franchise into the gold standard franchise, and they play a bad half and you boo them?????

Any Patriot fan who boo’s anything on field related to Tom Brady deserves to go to that special place in Hell where the child molesters and people who talk in a movie theater.

Second the refs botched some calls…GET OVER IT!

All I hear is aww shucks the refs screwed us, It’s Goodell telling the refs to cheat, why are they always out to get us. Newsflash the entire league have had terrible officiating!

This has maybe been the worst year for officiating ever, so yea Pats got some calls to go the other way…welcome to the NFL!

Back in my day in high school football, when the refs screwed us out of beating Kobe Bryant’s Lower Marion, my coach said “If you let the Refs decide the game you deserve the shit you get in,” (he wasn’t the most inspiring coach.)

The Patriots prob lost home field but nothing else really changed. You Pats fans need to take a a serious chill pill.

P.S. Andy Dalton is shitting his pants right now, knowing what hell that defense is going to put him through next Sunday.

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