“Idk fam just slap a Dior swoosh on that muthafucka”

Last night in America’s cocaine capital, Miami, Kim Jones unveiled Dior’s FW2020 collection. The show has caught media attention this morning for a few reasons: Kimmy K looking brazy in 3 different colors of python, the Shawn Stussy collab and the unveiling of the long rumored Dior X Jordan 1 collab. Today we will focus on that last bit, DAS AIR DIORS.

let’s start by taking a look at the sneaker:

Alright so I, like many other sneaker fiends out there, greatly enjoy a nice pair of Jordan 1s, but Nike has been over saturating the 1 market for years now, and this pair might be the last straw. I mean the colorway itself slaps, and I can forgive the icey sole on these as well, but that fucking swoosh is BASURA. We get it, it’s a Dior collab, I can see that it says “Air Dior” on the wings logo, and that subtle Dior print on the tongue slaps…..but that god damn swoosh is the definition of doing too much. Why not make it a tonal white pattern like the tongue? I’m thinking Kim Jones got back to the office at like 10pm after a post dinner coke binge and screamed at his team of 100 designers “THE SHOE NEEDS TO SAY DIOR EVERYWHERE, EVERY FUCKING WHERE” and an unpaid intern had to sew that new swoosh on the sample while fighting back tears. This is pure hypebeast malarkey, does every designer piece have to be drowning in logos?! Fuck no, this shoe is purely for flexing the designer logo on the side, which is some tasteless shit.

Granted I enjoyed the lazy surfer in a suit with Js on vibe that Jones put together for the looks in this show, but when us regular folk see these on the street, they’ll be accompanied by some ripped skinny jeans and a moncler/Canada goose.

Do better Dior.

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