Listen, I know this game came out in 2017, but it was just free with Xbox live gold last month SOOOOOOOOOOOO count it!

Me and das homies had been looking for an online game to play together, we thought it would be the new COD, but that has been extremely underwhelming lately, so we have been fiending FRIDAY THE 13TH THE GAME instead and BOY OH BOY does it fucking slap.

The game is a 9 player online game, with 8 players playing as camp counselors trying to survive/escape a camp while being pursued by the 9th player, who is Jason, the OP as fuck murderous psycho. Needless to say playing as counselors with the homies trying to avoid Jason is extremely fun, as the element of fear keeps the game incredibly exciting.


There are multiple ways to escape the camp, but working together is key, and I am far more confident in my abilities to escape from a serial killer IRL now.


For the exciting team based gameplay and great soundtrack, this blog has no other choice than to make this our 2019 game of the year.

Cop up now if you haven’t and we will see you at camp crystal lake.

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