Duke has their new bitch

Every year there is a new duke villain to hate, and 2019-2020 may be the peak.

Introducing Matthew Hurt.

The 6 foot 9 forward looks like a bitch that was bullied in your high school lunch room. Braces and everything. Where does coach K find these rats? I mean duke headband, black short sleeve undershirt, and leggings? SCREEEEAMS stiff. 0 sty.

I didn’t even watch the Duke game and I can’t stand this kid. I would rather have Reddick, Scheyer, Grayson, or day I say Greg Paulus terrorize the ACC. How is this kid a top 10 recruit? It looks like he can’t even spell his own name.

Get used to Matthew Hurt cuz he’s gonna be a Duke terror for the next 5-6 years.

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