Bob the Builder simulator pro permanently banned from the game for cheating: you love to see it edition

Look at this slimey motherfucker

Esports professional Faze Jarvis has been permanently banned from playing the worlds most popular Bob the Builder simulator, Fortnite, by the games creator Epic games.

Why was this 17 year old super talent banned? Because he was cheating to win, using an aimbot, which essentially auto aims for you, making it far easier to obliterate your enemy.

Jarvis wasn’t doing it qualify/win any sort of competition/prize money, he did it for the content he creates on YouTube, videos with SiCk highlights from his matches that day. Jarvis claimed he was just trying to entertain his fans, but Epic didn’t give a fuck about why, a cheaters a cheater and they decided to make an example out of him.

So the young Faze clan team member is never going to play Fortnite again, people (children in middle school) are BIG MAD, playing the “everyone makes mistakes” card, but I think Epic needs to set the fucking tone here and stick to the perma ban. Here is Jarvis’s full reaction:

One of Fazes owners, the infamous Faze Banks has started a #freeJarvis campaign to try and get the ban reduced, but to no avail, and because twitter remembers everything, here are Banks’s previous thoughts on aimbots, a tweet that did not age too well for him:

Oof, the hypocrisy

A great man (Skepta) once said “the world spins round and round fam, lessons have to get learned,” Jarvis can play plenty of other (better) games, time to hold this L and try again. Also Fortnite fucking sucks.

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