White House is a must skip for Halloween route

Now WCT, doesn’t get political but had to address this. The latest in Trump’s viral presidency concerns Trump handing out candy to young children. Sweet, innocent, what could go possibly go wrong/weird. Let’s check the film. First off people aren’t even discussing how Trump skips over Spider-Man. Oh well, but then both Trump and Melanie place candy on top of the minion’s head. Poor kid. He even holds out his bag after. Tragic really. The top play here is there kid who has their bag open ready to snag the sliding candy. This kid is going places.

Lastly, what the heck is going on with Trump’s feet.

Is he wearing just socks? How could his feet possibly be that small? They look like a child’s compared to Melania. I can hardly see them from his suit pants. Not to mention,trumps suit game could land himself as a lottery pick in the 2003 NBA draft .

Overall, skipping 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue tomorrow night.

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