Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fffffffffuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk are these kicks in x games mode? BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKING SICK.

After a short discussion with one of the homies last night about how small Donald Trumps feet are (he claims to be a size 12, but I guarantee that’s bullshit), I stumbled upon a gold mine of Trump inspired fake sneaker FIRE.

Take the knock off Yeezy 350 boosts pictured above, them shits look like a $4000 custom, but they only cost $79 because they were made in a Chinese sweat shop using that goooooooood dirt cheap child labor. Is there anything more American than utilizing a communist country to crank out patriotic heat at a significant discount?? Whoever makes these knew Donny was taxing us heavy this year, so they knew that they had to use that SUPER cheap illegal labor to really hit that low cost price point. I mean they got all kinds of flavors available for the low:

Nothing like confirming your co sign for the president than lacing up some counterfeit foreign made yeezys am I right?! This the type of fire that the lib cucks of the world just don’t get, so cop up and show your American pride babyyyyy.

and if you don’t like these? Then get out of my god damn country.

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