Steve Belicheck is the second coming

Patriots safeties coach Steve Belicheck, got his first moments with the media after this weekends win against the Browns. He claims to be Bill Belicheck’s son but after this video I’m skeptical he may be a clone. Same responses, same mannerisms, if you close your eyes and just listen, it’s the same exact voice. It’s uncanny. All I needed was a “We’re onto Cincinnati” and I would have been convinced. He even has the scowl down.

If that wasn’t close enough for you, just listen to a little bit more of his background. He attended where else but Rutgers University where he played football under Greg Schiano and also played lacrosse. The more I learn about this kid the more I think Bill clowned himself to vicariously live through him and then take over as Pats HC.

I’m sure these two had a fun time celebrating Bill’s milestone 300th victory.

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