Who has a better Situation the Bengals or the Jets?

As the deadline approaches it looks more and more likely that the Jets are starting from scrap…again.

As soon as AJ Green went down, the Bengals went into tank mode. So I am trying out this little hypothetical, and seeing who is in a better spot The Jets or The Bengals.

Ownership: The both stink in different ways. Mike Brown is cheap as they come. The Johnson family just want to win the back page.

Advantage Jets (At least they are willing to spend even if it’s dumb money)

Coaching: Adam Gase is in charge with the Jets and the man is clueless just look at this picture!

Now for the Bengals hand up here I forget his name. When I googled it still said it was Marvin Lewis, so finally I figured out it was Zac Taylor. He is as vanilla looking as they come with a name that matches that.

Advantage Bengals (We know Adam Gase stinks so I win by default for the Bengals)

QB: This is the most interesting part of this debate to me. With the Bengals the Andy Dalton is coming to the end, (Literally as I was writing he was benched). He was nothing special, but for the Bengals this draft is everything, and with the tanking they could end up with Tua

The Jets are all in with Sam Danorld. He has been seeing ghost the past few weeks and unless he goes full exorcism, he will be throwing picks forever, just like he did at USC.

Advantage Bengals (The unknown is better then seeing ghosts)

This long experimental blog has shown me that I would rather be with the people who think skyline chili is fine dinning over a New York franchise. What a world, the Jets should be embarrassed!

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