Gritty is above the law

Back in November a Philadelphia Flyers season ticket holder alleged said teams mascot, the infamous GRITTY, “took a running start” and punched his 13 year old son during a fan photo event.

a photo of Gritty with his alleged victim

The father, Chris Greenwell, went on to state Gritty “punched my son as hard as he could,” and that the Flyers organization tried to bribe him to keep quiet. Well just yesterday  Philly PD closed the investigation stating “We determined that the actions of the individual portraying the Flyers’ mascot did not constitute physical assault as alleged,” basically stating Greenwell was full of shit, and that Gritty did nothing wrong.

Gritty mercilessly assaults old Saint Nick

Despite the police findings, I’m pretty sure Gritty did this shit. He’s already known for throwing food at fans, streaking pants-less around the arena, and for assaulting Santa Claus, what makes us think he wouldn’t hit this kid??

This googly eyed degenerate is one of Philadelphia’s favorite sons, so their police department is likely covering this up out of fear of backlash from the lunatics that reside in their city. Imagine if they tried to lock this mascot up? Look at how Philly rallied behind Meek when he was in jail, they’d burn government buildings to the ground to free Gritty.

I may not have been there, but history tells me Gritty is 100% guilty of clocking this kid, however at the end of the day said kid is still a Flyers fan, so he deserves a punch regardless. Gritty will continue to terrorize fans everywhere until someone puts him 6 feet under, because clearly the police have no plans to stop him.

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