WCT INVESTIGATES: “THE MACHINE” PT. 1: an introduction

The University of Alabama is a football powerhouse, the uncut gem in the crown that is the SEC, one of the oldest universities in the country and a school that is being run by an all powerful secret society known as “the machine.” This behind the scenes organization has their hands in everything from the University’s homecoming queen election to Alabama State politics, controlling the masses with
assertive tactics from the very top of the Greek life hierarchy.

A 1992 Esquire article on the machine

But where did they come from? How did they gain such power?

Allegedly founded from the ashes of the Alpha Ro chapter of Theta Nu Epsilon at the university of Alabama in 1909, when a group of seniors created a new society known as “the skulls.” This new organization eventually replaced the Alpha Ro chapter altogether and was officially recognized by the school until 1922, before vanishing off of all school records.

It is at this point the trail goes cold for hard information on the organization, essentially the moment they decided to become a shadow organization pulling the strings behind the scenes. Their influence over the school and the state starts with their direct involvement with greek life, basically acting as an unseen overlord of the entire Greek operation on campus.

“You had to be in a fraternity and only way in is through invite. There is a limit on number of members. Membership was usually passed down from big to little. As for as I know that was the only way in” a Bama grad told us at WCT, who requested to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation from the machine.

In our next segment on the machine we will be diving into events they have meddled with throughout history, and what might be their reasons for doing so, roll tide?

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