Michigan State’s Football Head Coach pulled the Greatest Heist in College Football since Charlie Weis

Earlier today Mark Dantonio announced his retirement. It was not the biggest shocker in the last year in sports (That’s Kobe RIP) but the timing of it was weird and puts Michigan State in a weird spot to find its next head coach.

It is now coming out that Dantonio got a bonus of 4.3 Million dollars if he was still at the university by January 15, 2020.


This man knew he was retiring, and knew he had a check waiting, so he screwed over the university, and didn’t give one shit. The school now has 4.3 million less in there budget to get a new coach. The coaching carousel is over for college football so the shittiest coaches are out there left, but Mark don’t give a shit.

I feel for those players because when they try and transfer the NCAA will be dicks about it. I do not feel bad for Michigan State however, since you know they covered up one of the biggest scandals ever. Fuck you Larry Nassar, hope you don’t enjoy prison!

Now let me know where do you rank this move in college football coach history? I still have Charlie Weis getting paid for a decade after being fired from Notre Dame as the number 1 move.

Just look at that man!

What Dantonio did however, just taking 4.3 million and retiring two weeks later is a pretty sweet move as well.

P.S. If you want to see Dantonio greatest highlight as coach just watch this right here.

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