Pablo Escobar’s Pets are Running a Muck in Columbia

A story is coming out that about 80 hippos are destroying their eco system in Columbia. The poop from these hippos are contaminating the soil. Hippos are not from around those parts so it’s a major problem.

I know WCT is a .org now but it is above my pay grade to fix that shit (great pun right there). Sounds like some serious shit and all the frat boys who love that white powder could be in trouble some point down the line (2/2 on puns) due to hippo poop. What I’m interested in is how they got 80 Hippos in Columbia.

Turns out back in day Pablo loved him so hippos. He was so rich and powerful he made a few of his workers go and bring him back multiple hippos. Once Pablo was caught the police just let the Hippos run free. The Hippos fucked and then those hippos fucked and those hippos fucked and now Columbia is fucked.

I do not have any solutions and I will not follow up on this story. To be honest this blog was written, because I laughed at the title of this blog.

P.S. Fun fact about me; In Big Daddy when Rob Schneider can’t learn how to say hippopotamus, after Rob says “hip pop otamus” and everyone laughs at him, I personally then can not say hippopotamus and can only say how Rob Schneider says it in movie

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