Yesterday Popeyes, the Famous fried chicken fast food chain, dropped a FIRE line of apparel on America’s bitch ass.

The line, which consisted of pieces that make up the actual Popeyes employee uniform, was released in reaction to the recently released Beyonce x Adidas IVY PARK collection. You see, the first IVY PARK drop uses nearly the exact same shades of orange and maroon as the Popeyes uniform, and the famous fried chicken spot wasn’t about to let Bey get all the clout for what they have been doing for YEARS.

the inaugural ADIDAS IVY PARK collection, lmao

So someone with a level 160 IQ at Popeyes corporate decided to make a power play, take their own fucking uniform (which I imagine they pay VERY little for in terms of costs from their manufacturer) and sell it to the public at a premium. The plan was so successful in fact, that the line has almost completely sold out save for 1 bright orange polo.

the lone jawn left to cop as of this AM

Coming off of a 2019 where they took over the internet because of a chicken sandwich, Popeyes continues to make pro level chess moves in the marketing game, and I respect the hell out of it.

Sad you missed out on this opportunity to cop a Popeyes uniform?! Pro-tip: your local Popeyes is likely hiring and not only will they give you this uniform FOR FREE….THEY WILL PAY YOU LIKE $10 AN HOUR TO WEAR IT.

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