Water Cooler Wake Up 1/29/20

Bi-Daily dose of things you might have missed yesterday in order to drop facts in the cube at the cooler

Massachusetts Fire Officials had to issue a public warning for Tik Tok users not to fuck with outlets

  • “The Outlet Challenge” has become a viral Tik Tok sensation as tweenie boppers record themselves sliding pennies behind a partially plugged in phone charger into an outlet for the purpose of producing sparks, damage to the electrical system, or even fires. Massachusetts currently has three reported incidents, two most notably occurring at schools such as Plymouth where the two kids were charged with attempted arson and $1,200 fine (sheesh) and Westford High where the stunt forced an evacuation, (solid scheme to avoid that 4th period Spanish test). SMH Tik Tok, someone please resurrect Vine for the sake of humanity.

Mike Bloomberg does not know how to pet dogs

  • A clip has surfaced of Democratic Presidential Candidate and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg greeting a dog while campaigning in VT. Instead of petting this good doggo like a normal civilized human being, Bloomberg literally shakes his face as if it’s a handshake. What the actual fuck? I’m sure the dog is more than capable of shaking paws if that’s what Bloomberg really wants, poor communication from the candidate. Bloomberg just made Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign look promising. 0/10 would vote but 10/10 would pet that doggo.

Dom Toretto is back in teaser trailer for Fast and Furious 9

  • Vin Diesel’s legendary character, Dom Toretto, is back as Fast and Furious 9 released a 60 teaser trailer highlighting a relationship between Dom and his young son. Back to basics baby, Vin Diesel and Fast Furious, living life one quarter mile at a time, none of this Calvin and Hobbs fast and furious bs. The 9th installment will be a sequel to 2017’s Fate and the Furious. Full trailer drops January 31st. Just what 2020 needs, a original screen play with family values.

Twitter attempted to cancel Dua Lipa as #DuaLipaIsOverParty trended on twitter after she was seen throwing bills at strippers at a Grammy’s after party

  • Of course, the twitter brigade tried to bring down the queen Dua Lipa claiming her strip club antics were hypocritical to her female empowerment message earlier at Sunday’s Grammy awards. Dua was seen tossin stacks and making it rain as strippers twerked in front of her and her group. Dua Lipa stans quickly rushed to her defense. Let my girl live.
  • Unrelated: Still baffled by this pop star named “Dua Lipa.” Name sounds like a college party trick for chew “I’m gonna pack a bomb…yo that’s sick I’m gonna pack a dua lipa…..duuude no way”

Antonio Brown freed from house arrest

  • Florida judge freed Antonio Brown of house arrest while he awaits trial for an altercation with a moving company. Per Brown’s Instagram live he stated “I’m about to get this taken off. I am free to go.” Brown had to turn in his passport and his not allowed to possess weapons or ammunition while submitting to mental health and drug testing. Thank goodness. AB tweeted out the location of his fitness facility in Fort Lauderdale saying he will be training if anyone wants to join. Need an AB appearance in Miami ASAP. Super Bowl week too boring.

Mamba Mentality

  • After a blowout loss in Portland, Kobe took everyone on the teams Kobe’s because they were too soft to wear it. R.I.P 24
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