Hot Dogs are an international favorite, from the ballparks of America to the streets of Korea and whatever the fuck they are doing in Norway, everyone around the world loves to snack on hot Wieners.

Food Republic dropped this BANGER of a chart breaking down the regional versions of hot dogs from around the world:

Let’s take a closer look at a few of them below:

JAPAN: these artsy motherfuckers ditch the bun in favor of something far more unique, a dog sliced to look like an octopus. I used to make these exact same dogs over campfires and call them spider dogs, but Japan keeps it extra classy by adding in some eyes and a mouth. Great execution, would definitely try.

SEATTLE: first of all where i’m from you would NEVER call a bratwurst in a bun a hot dog, but based off of the ingredients here I don’t think Seattle gives even a remote fuck about the rules. Cream cheese?! On a hot dog!!?? Honestly it’s probably better than it sounds and I am a sucker for fresh jalapeños, but Siracha is extremely overrated. Would try for sure.

NORWAY: a fucking tortilla AND ketchup on a dog?! I’m convinced this regional variety was invented by a child, or at the very least a college freshman with zero cooking skills AKA the type of motherfucker to forget to add water to his easy Mac so it catches fire leading to a 2am dorm exit for everybody after the fire alarm goes off (to the 2010-2011 Uhart Stevens hall residents, that was MY bad). Would never ever try for very obvious reasons, keep ketchup off my dog you fucking baby.

KOREA: now this I can get behind, a corn dog with a French fry outer layer?! Sign me the fuck up, as a matter of fact me and the boyz just crushed 80 $1 beers at Coogans, so get me 20 of these STAT. Maybe the only time ketchup is acceptable on a hot dog for someone over the age of 12.

All in all it seems like you can find a hot variety of wieners anyone in the world, but fuck you if you put Ketchup on your dogs, you wee lil baby fuck.

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