Would We Cheer Shane Falco in Real Life?

The other night I was getting ready to watch AEW Dynamite on TNT (Jon Moxley biggest bad ass in the game,) and a great movie was on before it, The Replacements.

I love the Replacement, it’s has everything you need for a great comedy. It did have me thinking if that team was in real life would we really like them?

So the asshole star QB who is on strike, imagine if that was Phillip Rivers, or Tom Brady, or ARog, and Shane Falco was their replacement.

No fucking chance Shane would be playing over those QBs. Especially when the playoffs are on the line! Every fan of that team would want to murder the coach, the owner and Shane Falco for letting that happen.

That scene where Shane kisses the cheerleader, in today’s game would get boo’d more then when Patriot fans were booing Tom Brady and the Patriots offense at half time.

So next time you watch the replacements, just remember, in reality you would actually hate Shane Falco.

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