Hi, My Name is Swish and I’m addicted to Periscope

It’s not a problem if you admit right?

I live in the best city in America, (Philly not Boston you massholes get over yourself) and one of my favorite things to do in the city is people watch. It’s something we all do but everyone hates to admit, but it’s true and I admit my love for people watching. I can go to a bench in crowded park put my headphone in just watch the world and people go by me. Now the way I people watch it’s basically what I do on periscope.

First you get nice and zooted, like that deep zoot where you are the dare commercial.

Now second I use it on Apple TV, but I go to the maps or top global which is just random people and I just start clicking on random people and see what happens.

I have gone from a dead and company concert to a random high school football games. I have watched people paint to a random lady giving a cooking lesson going on a rant about being cheated on.

It’s wild watching what people are live streaming, and I LOVE IT! It has become the modern version of people watching.

The reason I’m writing this blog in the first place is because I was zooted last night and was strolling through periscope and found a live Disney Park Live Candlelight Processional with Neil Patrick Harris and it was FANTASTIC! I would never have watched that or had a chance to without periscope.

Maybe Disney+ should have had it on their new service instead of that god awful high school musical remake.

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