Get ya bitch some Bathing Ape

Sick of dressing in rare Japanese garments and not being able to match with your dog while doing so? Fam don’t even sweat it, legendary streetwear behemoth A Bathing Ape (Bape for short) has got your covered these days.

Look at how happy this good boi is now that he is DRIPPIN

Baby Milo Towels for dog? They got em. Bape camo doggie vests with a plush baby Milo on top (pictured above)? Fucking copped. A $500 Bape camo doggie bed for your mouth breathing pug to throw up on after he gets into your holiday candy? FAM THEY GOT YOU FUCKING COVERED.

Das doggo dry but he still DRIPPIN

So if you want to build up your dogs confidence and FFFFLLLLLLEEEEXXXXX all over the pooches at the dog park, bust out that checkbook and PROVE to the world that you actually love your pet.

Bitches be DRIPPIN

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