NBA Bricked Fits


What’s up WCT? As your fav fashion writer, we are back up in this bitch with another NBA fit roast. Previously we bodied Kemba Walker with the worst combination of street and tailoring that I have ever seen… today we have Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell.

FAM, this fit is more difficult to understand than his fucking name… We have a grown ass man worth millions pulling up to his job in a fitted Rugrats Fit. We have the toys r us all over print hoodie most likely by Ronnie Fieg. And for those of you that are fans of Ronnie, your coffin is being dug as we speak… tune in after Thanksgiving for the burial.

In addition Montrezl stuck to his NBA roots with skin tight cargos… BUT FAM HAVE WEEN SEE DA SHOOOOE$$$. Bro came through with the custom Nike Monarchs in his Sasquatch size with the custom Chuckie Hair!!!!

Shout out to Commissioner David Stern for initiating the NBA dress code my G…

Signing out with this… FUCK ALL GROWN UP @Nickelodeon… we never needed to see our homies hit puberty.

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