Sunday Shit Talk

Whats up guys back at it for another weekly episode of Sunday Shit Talk… here we are going to destroy the Florida Gators… NOT ONLY for ruining my season with 2 quick losses before thanksgiving… BUT for losing to the the one fucking school that makes my life a living hell. The University of CT. KEMBA FUCKING WALKER, SHABAZZ NAPIER, GENO AURIEMA, AND THE REST OF THEIR LEGENDS CAN ALL GO FUCK THEMSELVES.

I am stuck in Uconn country and these oblivious fans are make up an entire state of idiots that all enjoy slamming me in the ankle with razor scooter… (90s babies would understand). Swish28 has also even witnessed UCONN literally dick punch me in a big east tourney 90 foot game winner while I was on the shitter…

Now that Uconn basketball is officially dead, there is no fucking way that that the Gators who began the season ranked in the top 10 needed to shit the bed… on the only game that mattered to me!

Signing off… my teams all suck


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