In case you have not been made aware yet, prep is making a comeback. With brands like Rowing Blazers, NOAH NYC, and JW Anderson leading the revival. This new age of prep sportswear takes cues from the past greats (J. Press, RUGBY, Polo) but adds a far more authentic feel, no fake crest polos out here.

Given how the tides are leaning toward menswear making a preppy revival to kick off the roaring (20)20s, J Crew decided to get in on the action and drop the most authentic rugby collab of all time, some very spicy numbers with New Zealand based brand Canterbury.

Canterbury makes actual Rugby kits for some of the worlds best teams: England, Ireland, and the British Irish Lions to name a few. So J Crew pulled a no brainer move by partnering up with them to drop 5 extremely authentic rugby’s, which will look perfect with the menswear trends on the horizon.

cop up now while they are 30% off.

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