The Bengals are going to be responsible for this mans death

Jeff Lanham has been living on the roof of his bar in Cincinnati since the Bengals loss to the Arizona Cardinals on 10/6/19. He made a joke bet with friends that if the Bengals lost that day, he would live on the roof until they won a game, and as of today, 11/18/19, they have yet to do so.

Jeff was joking, but his wife Chrissy changed the game when she shared her husband’s pronouncement on live television before the Cardinals game; local station WKRC often does remote hits from Hog Rock’s (Jeff’s bar), so the joke became a reality.

As a man of his word, after the Bengals lost to the Cardinals, Jeff followed through. now entering his second month on the roof, with the Bengals looking worse than when he started, and winter closing in, Jeff might very well die up there.

The Hog Rock Cafe

This blogger hopes he has plenty of blankets, beers and skyline Chili to stay warm as the temperature dips, because Jeff will be up there for a while.

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