Now that’s a shitty situation

Heidi Van Tessel had just finished lunch with friends and was on her way home when the unthinkable happened: she was pulled out of her car by a homeless man who than proceeded to dump hot diarrhea all over her.

***takes a break from writing to puke***

Heidi got shit all over her on a sunny day in Los Angeles, which is a city in California, the state with the highest population of homeless in the USA. “The poop was falling off of my eyelashes and into me eyes” she told the local Fox News station, and she apparently laid on the ground for sometime before some nice people finally helped her.

Prayers up for Heidi

Once the police arrived and cleaned some of the poop out of her eyes, the fire department had to be called to help remove her clothes, as there was so much shit on them they were plastered to her body.

***second puke break***

EMTs eventually arrived to take her to the hospital, where they told her they believed her attacker had been saving his poop up for months due to the sheer volume dumped on her. She was then tested for every disease under the sun, something she will have to return every 3 months to do.

So what happened to this SICK FUCK who did this? Well after fleeing the scene, the attacker, a homeless man named Jere Blessings, came back to the scene of crime to watch the aftermath where he was then arrested. The sad part is Jere has schizophrenia, and is not mentally stable, which does not make his actions okay by any means, but certainly sheds a bit more light on his mindset at the time.

Jere Blessings

LAPD reports crimes like this are not uncommon, as the city’s population of homeless continues to increase rapidly, despite the city throwing hundreds of millions at the problem.

Heidi is still super fucked up about the incident, so the cooler is wishing her luck in somehow overcoming this shitty nightmare.

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