Joe Burrow isn’t even a Bengal yet and he already hates Cincinnati

God hates me I’m sure of it

Swish alluded to this previously, but I’ll confirm it for our readers now: back in 1999 I made the worst decision of my life, I chose to become a Bengals fan.

Whether due to my fierce loyalty or my brain being wired incorrectly, I have stuck with this god awful franchise for the last 20 years (while being a born and raised New Englander, which is a story for another time), and this year has pretty much been rock bottom. You see I didn’t think it could get worse after last year, management FINALLY fired Marvin Lewis and things were looking up, a change was finally coming to Cincy, a #NEWDEY is what they called it, BUT BOY OH FUCKING BOY WAS I WRONG. My team currently sits at 0-9, the worst record in the fucking league, the red rifle has been benched, AJ Green still isn’t healthy and despite learning how to catch this year, John Ross is also still not healthy. But hey at least we will have a top pick in the draft next year to sign a franchise QB like LSU stud Joe Burrow right? LOL IT AINT THAT EASY, because Joe Burrow hates Skyline Chili, Cincys most famous food.

You see skyline chili is an acquired taste, as it isn’t really your typical chili, its a cincy style chili, more of a meat sauce than a meal. Cincy chili is sweeter than regular chili, mostly being used as a topping, people put is on coneys/spaghetti and it is a food loved by all in the city. Skyline is the most famous maker of this style chili, and per the above tweet Joe Burrow HATES this cincy staple, which hurts my heart dearly.

To sum it all up, next year will just be more of the same if we draft Burrow, he already hates Cincy and that’s not a great way to start a rebuild. Who knows though, maybe he’s just more of a Goldstar chili guy.

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