Who is more Dumb? The MLS or ESPN

Did you know that the MLS final was yesterday? I had zero idea! Why would I pay attention to anything else at 3:10 besides the NFL on a fall Sunday? The MLS or ESPN had a brilliant idea to go toe to toe with the NFL for their finals.

My question is how??? How could MLS schedule it for a Sunday mid day and not just like a Tuesday night? How could ESPN think this was a good idea?

When you are the fifth sport and the people who like your sport hate your domestic league and instead wake up at 7 am to watch real soccer, you can’t go up against the Number 1 sport! It’s crazy town!

I feel like the sports world aren’t talking about how dumb of an idea this was, and you want to know why? BECAUSE NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR SHITTY CUP!

I want the MLS to do well, I am a Union fan, but no one will ever watch their final over any pro football game ever let along the god damn witching hour (3-2 with my Friday 5 btw.)

So I want to know who do you think is more dumb?

P.S. If Zlatan was playing this blog would be completely different, All Hail Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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