Drizzy got boo’d off stage last night because he wasn’t Frank Ocean

Last night rapper/designer/tv star Tyler the Creator held his annual Camp Flog Gnaw festival in California, which featured a stacked lineup and a mystery headliner who was not revealed in the lead up to the event. Fans were dying to know who this mystery headliner would be, but rather than be patient, they decided to assume RnB god Frank Ocean was the headliner. Frank makes a lot of sense due to his affiliation with Tyler’s odd future collective, and his appearances at past camp flog gnaw festivals, but alas the fans assumed wrong.

When it was time for the mystery headliner to saunter across the stage, the fans were taken aback to see Rapper Drake and not Frank as the special guest. THEY WERE NOT HAPPY.

From the moment Drake hit the stage he was met with a chorus of boos, and he only managed to get through 6 tracks of 6 god smashes before he had enough:

I actually feel a bit bad for Drake here (A rarity for me, as I am usually anti-jimmy from Degrassi), because since Tyler the creator books this concert himself each year, Drizzy was probably doing the boi a favor.

And to all the fans that boo’d Drake after assuming Frank would headline: you know what happens when you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME.


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