This morning, NYC’s favorite skate/street wear brand SUPREME unveiled the latest installment in their long running collaborative effort with Nike: a trio of “made in Italy” air max 95’s.

Thats right kid, these jawnz were “made in Italy” using that gggggggoooooooooooddddd Leather, something Nike first did with the AM95 back in the early 2000s. Dressed in black, blue and red, all with black midsoles, these lux kicks will set you back $500 at retail. LMAO HALF A RACK BABYYYYY, but hey at least they come with that cool Italy hang tag right??

Let’s be real about 2 things here:

  1. Are these actually made in Italy? Probably not, as most of the time you see any “made in ___” the materials for the shoe were sourced from the country mentioned but assembled in a cheap Asian factory (like these probably were) or vice versa (New Balance “made in the USA” shoes are just finished/assembled in America, with most parts coming from cheap overseas factories).
  2. if these lacked “supreme” branding, they would collect dust on a sales wall before being shipped to your local outlet, ain’t nobody paying $500 for a red/black GR.

stay woke out there kids, and remember Jeffery Epstein was murdered.

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